Ivan A. Morozov

Designer by Day, Scientist by Night
 Persona Suspecta by Other time

Hi! I’m a Informatic-Analyst by degree but I’ve been working on creating websites, apps since 2007, however my first experiments started a little bit earlier, around 2003. What started as a hobbie became a passion. Currently working for M.Video, based in Moscow, Russia.

I am graduated Moscow Aviation Institute, majored in information and analysis, programming department, graduating a major in Informatics and Computing Mathematics. Currently studing for the first level academic degree, is called «Kandidat nauk» (that could verbatim translated «Candidate of Sciences») on Moscow State Industrial University, majoring Mathematical Modelling.

I’m looking to grow professionally and personally anywhere.

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personal projects

  • life of Sigmund Freud
  • experiments and more